Faculty: Management Sciences
Department: Co-opreative Economics And Management


Attahiru, S. I.
Akubuilo, C. J. C


There are numerous literature and extant studies conducted in Nigeria on thrift and loan cooperative societies performance with reference to members’ savings, amount of loan applied for by the members, amount approved by their cooperative, amount disbursed and members’ loan repayment capacity. These studies created a big gap as majority of the literature and studies were highly concentrated in the south-western and south-east Nigeria, with little or no study and documented evidence of such studies in the Northern part of the Nigeria, especially the North-West of the country with reference to Kaduna state. As such, this study examined the determinants of performance of cooperative thrift and loan societies in Kaduna State. The study was restricted to 17 functional and viable Cooperative Thrift and Loan Societies with membership size of 1,173 in Kaduna state. Combinations of both primary and secondary sources were used to obtained data for the study. The data obtained were analyzed with both descriptive and inferential statistics. The results of the study revealed that majority of the CTLS operating in Kaduna state have been in existence for quite reasonable number of years (minimum average 14.71 years & maximum average of 20.44years). Similarly, findings revealed that CTLS in Kaduna state perform better with their age. That is the older the years of operation the better their socio-economic indicators like membership size; share capital; annual surplus; reserve fund. Dividends paid on the thrift savings increased as the years of CTLS operation increased. Evidence from the findings revealed that there is positive relationship between the saving mobilization pattern and the amount money mobilized, but this relationship is not really strong as the savings mobilization pattern only contributed to 23% increase in the amount of saving mobilized. That is, there is a strong relationship between the loan disbursement time lag and the amount of loan disbursed to the members. It was further revealed that the CTLS factors that facilitate loan repayment have significantly influenced loan repayment pattern. As the regression model result shows these factors boosted the chances of loan repayment by 93%. Recommendations are necessary in order to enhance the performance of Cooperative Thrift and Loan Societies in Kaduna State which the members will be at the receiving end and continue to benefit. As such, CTLSs in Kaduna State should ensure that they conduct a regular credit/financial management training to educate; re-orient and sensitize the CTLS members on the importance of savings mobilization. Adequate measures should be put in place on how to control the disbursement and recovery of loans given to the members. It is always a big challenge when members default in repaying part of the credit given to them by the society. This may affect the performance of such society.