Faculty: Arts
Department: Department Of Philosophy


Uwemedimo, I. A.
Oguejiofor, J. O.


Much of Africa in general and Nigeria in particular is in a precarious state with numerous developmental challenges which stem from natural and human factors that have led to agitation for a social and political revolution by the masses at any given opportunity. Invariably, this explains the tremendous effort by philosophy scholars in Africa to overturn the negatives and proffer countervailing ideologies that will ameliorate the African predicament. Thus, this research is on Karl Popper’s Democratic Ideals and Democracy in Nigeria: A Critical Hermeneutics. Karl Popper though one of the most influential philosophers of science in the twentieth century advanced democratic ideals which are founded on liberalism, critical rationalism, non-violence and piecemeal social engineering aims at ensuring separation of power, free speech and open discourse, public control over governmental institutions, human dignity and in all, embraces the non-violent approach to socio-political changes. Popper’s desire is that democracy as a system should help the people to prevent the damage brought about by bad rulers in politics by peaceful changes. It follows, that such ideals will equally prevent dictatorship, absolute rule or sit-tight syndrome that has been the bane of African politics on one hand, and ensure powerful and focused democracy based solely on the will of the citizenry on the other hand. Invariably, Popper’s ideals clearly differentiate democracy from dictatorship. Thus, this research is premised on the thesis that there is a dire need for a paradigm shift in the socio-political realities of Africa as a whole and Nigeria in particular. The way and manner this change can be realized is the question that this research attempts to unravel. The critical hermeneutic method is employed in the research. It is the position of this work that notwithstanding the shortcomings of Popper’s democratic ideals, with the necessary modifications, that democrats in Nigeria have to foster the democratic process by adoption and implementation of Popper’s democratic ideals since Popper’s democratic ideals are more suitable to the ameliorating of the Nigerians socio-political situation than any other revolutionary ideal.