Intra Gender Subjugation in Selected African Female Writers’ Novels


Faculty: Arts
Department: English Language & Literature


Okpala, E.P;


Most African female writers have over the years portrayed patriarchal structures as the major and only source of female subjugation and have highlighted the notion in their works of art. The need to debunk this impression motivated this study. To achieve this objective, the researcher therefore studied Neshani Andreas’ The Purple Violet of Oshaantu, Ann Iwuagwu’s Arrow of Destiny, Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo’s Trafficked and Roses and Bullets to examine the intra gender relationships that exist amongst women in African cultural milieu, to highlight their roles in the perceived oppression. Using Content Analysis Approach of qualitative research method, the study interrogated some oppressive forces that marginalize women, to determine if the subjugation is only inter gender. An appraisal of the literary texts under study disclosed that some female characters, as a result of affiliation with the patriarchal structures, are sustainers, primary agents, conspirators or willing instruments of female subjugation. Feminist theories were employed in evaluating female characters to capture realities about their relationships in the moment of pleasant and conflict situations. The findings also revealed that most obnoxious cultural practices that debase female gender have women at the vanguard of its implementation. To make adequate judgements, critical opinions of some scholars on gender issues and concerns were reviewed. It concluded that female marginalization is not only inter gender, indicating that women should also look inwards and put their house in order instead of blaming men all through for the perceived power-imbalance.