Faculty: Education
Department: Vocational Education


Igberaharha, O. C.
Eze, T. I.


The purpose of this study was to assess the extent of the entrepreneurial skills needed by business education graduates in Delta State. Five research questions were raised while ten null hypotheses were formulated for the study. A descriptive survey design was adopted for this study. The population for the study consisted of 377 business education graduates in the five tertiary institutions in Delta State, where business education programme was run and these 377 business education graduates were duly registered with the alumni association of these institutions. There was no sampling for the study as the entire population was used as the sample size. A 54-item structured questionnaire titled “Entrepreneurial Skills for Business Education Graduates Questionnaire (ESBEGQ) was used as the instrument for this study. The face validity of the research instrument was determined by five experts while the reliability of the instrument was obtained from the responses of 30 business education graduates randomly selected from Rivers State University of Science and Technology. A co-efficient index of .80 was obtained for the study using Cronbach Alpha Reliability Coefficient. The instrument was administered on personal contact by the help of 3 trained research assistants. Out of the 377 copies of questionnaire administered, 341 were retrieved and used for the study. The data collected were analyzed using the mean and standard deviation in answering the five research questions while the z-test statistic was used to test the ten null hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The findings obtained include: (1) business education graduates need to a high extent office technology management skills; (2) There was no significant difference between the mean ratings of male and female business education graduates on the accounting skills needed by them in Delta State. Amongst others, it was recommended that Business Education graduates should lend themselves to continuous workshops, seminars and conferences to acquaint themselves with global entrepreneurial skills for an enhanced economic survival.

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